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Luxury Series Hot Tubs

Luxury Series Hot Tubs

Few words properly convey the feelings of therapeutic bliss you’ll experience once stepping into a PDC Spas Luxury Series hot tub for the first time.
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Premium Series Hot Tubs

Premium Series Hot Tubs

As a company who truly understands the many benefits of hydrotherapy PDC Spas has been working tirelessly over the past six decades to make owning a hot tub a reality to all of those who seek it.
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Life Style Hot Tubs

LifeStyle Series Hot Tubs

PDC Spas Lifestyle Series hot tub come with a complete 10 year warranty to ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy many years of worry-free use.
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Here is where you will find all the information about the features and benefits of our choice of spas. PDC Spas has earned the reputation as one of the top rated Spas in the industry and has always maintained a 5 Star rating from Pool and Spas.com. Please take a moment to browse the models we choose to carry from the navigation above.

After you have read all the important information on this page, please visit http://pdcspas.com to go directly to the PDC Spas web site. This is where you will see all the information about the many advantages of owning what we feel is one of the finest hot tubs on the market today.

Plan Your Daily Massage Treatment! PDC Spas multiple jet configurations allow you control over the flow of water pressure for maximum enjoyment while pinpointing areas of the body where tension and stress accumulate. A nice refreshing spa is also good for your heart! Why else should you own a PDC Spa?

  • Soothe Arthritis Pain, Cardiovascular Benefits, Sleep Better, Improve Athletic Performance, Help Control Diabetes, Weight Loss and Reduce Cellulite.
  • Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain

To make your life easier, calmer, more relaxed, and stress-free…let PDC Spas provide you with the most reliable, efficient spa money can buy!

Important Note: The proper setup of your new Hot Tub is vital to the warranty. This is why Home Stars has a relationship with a local delivery and installation/electrical company here in the Denver/Metro area. If a crane is necessary, we can accommodate using Evergreen Crane Company.

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