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Beautiful Shuffleboard Tables- Starting at just $1,299 Wholesale!

AMERICAN built and PROUD of it! Golden West Billiards & Presidential Billiards

    Shuffleboard is very popular today, even though the game was invented close to five hundred years ago. Here at Home Stars we offer beautiful 9’ – 12’ and 14’ shuffleboard tables to complete your game room experience.  A game everyone can play and enjoy – We refer to it as Corn Hole in the house – So much fun!

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    Come In For Your Shuffleboard Tour

    Visit us to view some of these beautiful tables in person.  We work with both Presidential and Goldenwest to bring you the Shuffleboard Table of your dreams at a wholesale price, affordable to all.

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    Quality – At a wholesale price!

    Value Extremely well built. 

    Confidence Lifetime Warranty

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