Serenity (ZA 151)
Tranquility (ZA 161)
ZenWave (ZA 18)

Massage Chair Landscape

  • Distribution is extremely fragmented and disparate
  • Only national players in the market are:
    • Relax The Back – Main focus is zero-gravity chairs now
    • Mattress Firm – Primarily only at Home show
    • Bookstone – Limited selection and service
  • Due to the cost and service, specialty retailer is the best suited distributor
  • Foot traffic, product knowledge, and selection are key the success of the program
  • Specialty retailers like Great Escape, Family Leisure, Watson’s and Pool & Spa stores are finding success

Why Zen Awakening?

  • Founded over 10 years ago, been in massage chair business ever since
  • Sister company is Galaxy Home Recreation, in retail since 1975, has been extremely successful in the massage chair category
  • Develop, design, import, and distribute a complete line of massage chairs
  • Industry-leading limited-lifetime warranty; direct line for service questions, not 800 number
  • Chairs specifically manufactured for the North American market
  • Dealer exclusivity
  • In-store salesperson training’s and salesperson spiffs
  • No drop-shipping and strictly enforce MAP Online

Why You?

  • Natural fit within the pool, spa, and game room industry
    • Industry inherently attracts a high income demographic
    • Complementing product line for health & wellness customer seeking a hot tub, sauna or tanning bed
    • Complementing product line for home furnishing customer seeking media seating or recliners
  • High foot traffic – great exposure for those not in the market, impulse sales
  • Improves quality of consumer’s life, provides medical benefits, and provides something new for the consumer that wants to stay ahead of the curve
  • Makes a great gift
  • Touch and feel product – online competition is irrelevant; great advantage for brick and mortar

Zen Awakening's Key To Success

  • Good, better, best – 6 chairs ranging in price from $1495 – $3995. increasing in price at $500 increments
  • Add features at each jump in price
  • Ability to walk customer up or down based on feature and price preferences
  • Encompass all of the current offering’s features into a single brand
  • Out weigh online competition at each price point
  • No online selling

Zen Awakening Program

  • Floor presence of 4 – 5 models of a single brand shows that you are in the business of massage chairs
    • Foot-print size : 8′ x 16′
    • PoP credited back upon 20+ volume
  • PoP Package (backdrop and brochures)
  • 10% off 5+ chair purchases
  • In-Store sales training
  • Dealer Locator
  • Sales spiffs throughout the year
  • Online lead generation
  • 48 Hours Shipping Turn-around
  • Container Program Additionally Available
ZA151 - Good

ZA151 - Good

Video: Explore The ZA151

  • 2D MassageWave
  • Hidden PalmRelex hand massage
  • ReCirculate arm massage
  • ShoulderCompress
  • HipShape Thigh/Waist Massage
  • FootReflexology Rollers
  • Heat therapy
  • YogaFlex Strech
  • BoddyMapping Technology

MSRP : $4,499
Advertised Price :

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ZA161 - Better

ZA161 - Better

Video: Explore The ZA161

  • Seamless Shoulder/Finger Massage
  • ZeroG
  • SpaceSaver
  • (No Heat)

MSRP : $4,999
Advertised Price :

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ZA18 - Best

ZA18 - Best

Video: Explore The ZA18

  • 3D Adv. Soft MassageWave
  • LongRail
  • ScalpMsasager 2.0 Bluetooth Music Player
  • SpaceSaver

MSRP : $6,999
Advertised Price :

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