Size – When deciding the size, think about the spa’s location; consider access to and from, privacy, proximity to the appropriate electricity source and the view from the spa.

Desired Seating Capacity – Decide how many people you would like your spa to hold (Family and friends).

Air Bubbler Systems – Many spas feature a blower that produces air bubbles from fittings throughout the spa to gently caress the body. While it is certainly not an essential feature, many people enjoy the sensation.

Smart Winter Mode – If you live up a northern climate your spa should have a smart winter mode. If the water temperature drops below ( usually 50 degrees ) the spa pac kicks on the pumps and blower to keep all water circulating to prevent the spa
from freezing.

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Before you buy a pool table, you should kick the tires and Look under the hood. Well, at least look under the hood.

Buying a pool table is not much different than buying a car– or any product you want to last for a long time. The closer you look, the more you’ll see which features are important to you and what will fit your lifestyle. And although you can’t test drive a pool table, you can visit a dealer’s showroom to check out the variety of models.

But before you go, it’s important to be a knowledgeable buyer. That’s where this “how to buy a pool table” guide comes in handy. Here you’ll find all you need for making an informed decision.

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